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“Fresh Guacamole” - PES (by SHOWTIME)

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Boom Dr Who theme tune

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March 2012 Top 100 Advertising Experts to Follow on Twitter →

Guest post by: Evan Carmichael

Arti­cle Overview: This is a list of the top 100 rec­om­mend­ed adver­tis­ing experts to fol­low on Twit­ter for March 2012.

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Top 100 Advertising experts on Twitter

Honest Ads reveal what consumers really think via Design Taxi

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Hp branding

HP had a shot at rebranding their company with a simple 4-slant sticks logo. The “Progress Bar” concept was created by Moving Brands to help HP reestablish their position at the head of the Technology industry.

The logo is brilliant from so many design perspectives. It’s minimal. Slightly abstract but an excellent metaphor. It has the potential to be huge in propelling the company forward.

But to be fair, there’s also a great deal of risk involved as well. A Progress Bar happens to be a doubled edge idea. If it’s not successful, mockery is going to be harsh.

Unfortunately, HP isn’t convinced. I don’t blame them, but I am kind of disappointed.

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Guinness: Proud Sponsors of Irish Rugby

Guinness: Proud Sponsors of Irish Rugby

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Lee skinny jeans packaging

Clever packaging that demands attention!

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Get outdoors

Awesome ads for Stihl out of Australia from the very talented team at WhybinTBWATequila. 

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“Censorship tells the wrong story.”

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#Gillete match 3 From alpaca to human to werewolf.

#Gillete match 3 From alpaca to human to werewolf.

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Windows 8 logo

Paula Scher from Pentagram redesigned the new #Microsoft #Windows #logo. They were definitely in need of a new look and its interesting they went with Pentagram for the task. All of their logos looked the same since I got my first computer back in 1998 (no, I’m not a PC user these days). The “flag” was everywhere- on my keyboard, the mouse, the monitor, and the boxes of my computer games. I never understood why the logo had to express the notion of movement with its wavy flag. Just like the big and ugly hardware that carried the software, it was a paradigm I was forced to deal with until I became a Mac user. Going with Pentagram as the design firm in charge of this refresh tells me Microsoft is willing to let go of their ugly past and get to its roots.

Paula asked them a simple question, “your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?”

From the Microsoft’s team blog post: “Microsoft and Windows are all about putting technology in people’s hands to empower them to find their own perspectives. And that is what the new logo was meant to be. We did less of a re-design and more to return it to its original meaning and bringing Windows back to its roots – reimagining the Windows logo as just that – a window.”

Great idea from Pentagram (again).

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Social marketing compass

Social marketing compass

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Earl Grey

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